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3 Things we Love about the Mom of Hart PM: Lacie Hart

On Mother’s Day we want to take the opportunity to thank a mom very dear to our hearts at Hart Property Maintenance—Lacie Hart. Owning a small business is a team effort and we want to take the chance to thank one of our favorite moms, Lacie, for providing the support and motivation to help her husband, Jeff, and our business succeed every day.


Lacie is the epitome of a supportive spouse. She’s encouraged us unconditionally since Hart Property Maintenance opened. Even after she and Jeff had their first child, Alivia, she juggled both the new mom role and continued to work with Jeff to improve Hart Property Maintenance and take our business to the next level. Today, her role in the company’s day-to-day success is invaluable.

Lacie keeps the company on track. She organizes records, makes phone calls, works with accountants and clients, and makes business decisions with Jeff, all while remaining an attentive mother. As wife, mom, friend, and colleague, Lacie wears different hats in the office—and at home—every day.


Turning Hart Property Maintenance into a family-oriented business has required lifestyle changes for the Hart family. Some of these have been easy, but others not so much. At the end of the day, Lacie and Jeff agree that they are doing their best for their daughter, Alivia, by being present as much as possible.

In doing this, Lacie has moved from full-time to part-time in her career as a medical assistant (MA), allowing her the time to spend working on the family business and caring for Alivia. Lacie works as an MA at Neaman Plastic Surgery twice per week and tends to Hart Property Maintenance on all other days with Alivia on her heels. Jeff notes that her ability to successfully handle all three demanding jobs at once is incredibly impressive.


Some people may think it’s fun to be married to an entrepreneur and business owner, but it comes with its own array of challenges. Running a business isn’t a 9-to-5 job and work-life balance can become tricky when it’s hard to leave “the office.”

As entrepreneurs, personal and professional lives are generally woven together. It’s natural that Lacie would have a vested interest in the success in the company. What makes Lacie different is her ability to understand all of this, while actively supporting the forward momentum of the business.

What else can we say? THANK YOU, Lacie! And thank you to every mom out there this Mother’s Day. Your support and love are invaluable to those around you. We’d love to hear about your moms and what they mean to you! Let us know in the comments below.

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